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How to Stay Free of Mold in Your Home

Mold growth appears almost immediately after any type of water damage situation. A crack in the ceiling could slowly peel the paint, which allows a perfect atmosphere for mold to grow. Pipes can burst under freezing weather conditions, which can leave your basement entirely flooded in just a matter of minutes. It’s important to have your home routinely inspected by a plumber to prevent frozen pipe disasters and to thoroughly inspect the piping infrastructure for any potential problems. Mold prefers to breed when the temperature is moist enough. Although you might not notice the mold at first, you might begin to smell a musty odor arising from the vents. This could spell the early warning signs that mold is prevalent inside your household. Small children and elderly people are at the highest risk for mold-related symptoms. It’s crucial to secure all mold infested places by sealing off the areas.

You should always contact an experienced mold remediation technician at the onset formation of mold growth. In the meantime, you can begin scrubbing areas that have been affected by the mold. Before you start cleaning and scrubbing, you must first have the proper safety equipment to avoid getting mold in your eyes or inhaling the toxic fumes. The items you need to have on your checklist are a pair of goggles, extra thick gloves, bleach or vinegar, a mop, a dust mask, and a rag. If you’re attempting to clean air ducts on ceiling vents, you must be extra careful. Avoid any electrical wiring and use a ladder for safety. You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws of the air vent. Once the vent is removed, you can use a small brush to gently dust around the inside corners. Use a towel to wipe away any dirt or dander that might be found inside the ducts. Keep a safe distance from any wiring and make sure the ladder is holding sturdy in place. After you’ve finished cleaning out the air ducts, make sure to carefully screw back the screws for the vent.

Combating Mold with 911 Remediation Mold Removal Specialists

911 Remediation works closely with a team of certified mold removal specialists to have your home clean and sparkling in no time! 911 Remediation technicians work 24/7 and throughout the Sacramento area. Our job is to sanitize and disinfect each section of the house plagued by mold. We provide you with a comprehensive list of mold remediation services 24/7. We collect samples of the mold to send back to the lab for conclusive results. Don’t take a chance inhaling toxic mold fumes or experiencing mold-related symptoms. Let the experts at 911 Remediation rid your home of the harmful mold right away. Get in touch with our professional customer care staff for a free estimation. Don’t let mold cause you any grief, call us today!