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To whom it may concern,
Jackie Romero showed up to our house less than an hour after we had a small flood. She was very professional and walked us through the process of what needed to be repaired, dried, dehumidified, etc. Jackie left her equipment for a few days. The next day she called us to check to see if everything was ok. At the time, everything was drying out as she explained.
The next day, after we had failed to call a plumber, we found that our house had flooded again. This time much worse. We called Jackie and she came out right away. She performed her job exceptionally well again and covered all bases. She took care of all the damage and removed everything that was destroyed. After all the machines had removed any moisture, she again performed her tests and let us know the area was clear. Jackie and her crew left our house spotless. 
I could not have been more pleased with the service I received from Jackie Romero and her company. Jacky represented your firm as well as you could hope would occur.
Alex Towery
Project Manager
DiLuzio Inc