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What is Mold Abatement?

Many people DON’T know is that mold abatement is the most important response to take when mold is discovered in your home. Mold abatement is more commonly known as mold remediation and refers to the processes and procedures necessary in removing all mold contamination from the home. In definition, we refer to mold abatement as the procedure of removing, cleaning, sanitizing, and demolishing mold contaminations.

What are the Procedures of Mold Abatement?

Mold abatement is a process that should be left up to PROFESSIONALS. Despite what some might say about DIY remediation processes, you should never attempt to eradicate black mold on your own. This is because professionals have the proper equipment, cleaning chemicals, and protective gear to safely and efficiently eliminate black mold from your home. The following steps should be taken in providing mold remediation for you.
1. Donning the proper protective gear:This includes gloves, a respirator, goggles and protective clothing. When a professional is cleaning, they will wear this protective apparel for your safety and their own. Allow them space to work where you will not be contaminated yourself.
2. Containing Mold Spores: The professional remediation team will then contain the mold spores, especially in cases where the contamination is
severe. The room will be completely sealed off from the rest of the house using plastic and duct tape to cover doors, vents and other openings.
3. Negative Pressure is used to make sure that mold spores kicked up while cleaning end up outside.
4. The mold is then removed and killed using high concentrations of industry grade chemical solutions.
5. Clean the entire room with certified solutions that will kill remaining dormant spores, especially on porous surfaces. During this procedure, certain materials might be removed from the room and disposed of because they are too thoroughly contaminated.

Call 911 Mold Sacramento for Mold Abatement!

As mentioned before, only professionals should undertake mold remediation. This is to ensure that not only you are protected from the contamination and dangers of toxic mold, but that the mold really is completely eliminated from your home. If you live in the Sacramento area call 911 Mold Sacramento for your mold remediation! We are completely certified by the leaders in the industry, as well as by the government agencies over environmental safety, and we are licensed to work in the area. Additionally, we are ready to help you with immediate care 24 hours a day. Our highly trained professionals are helpful, knowledgeable, and provide full services for the most affordable prices around. Let us help you get back to living in comfort in your home. Call 911 Mold Sacramento for complete and immediate mold abatement!