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Killing the Harmful Bacteria

There is nothing more important than spotting and killing all traces of mold before they get the chance to spread throughout your house. You should begin the cleanup process immediately after a water damage crisis. In order to kill mold, you need to be fully prepared and undergo the safety procedures required to destroy the mold. You’ll need to have certain items that will ensure you kill the mold completely. These items include a sponge, some bleach, mask, safety goggles, and rubber gloves. You can buy all these items at any local hardware store or even at your supermarket. Before you begin the destruction process of the mold, you should seal off all damaged surrounding areas, so your children do not get exposed to the dangerous bacteria. Once the areas are fully sealed off, you are then prepared to go to battle!

Killing the mold begins with a little bleach spilled on the damaged areas. You can scrub around the tiles or any section in your bathroom, which is a very common place where mold forms. You can sprinkle some baking soda around the floor tiles to help absorb any remains of the mold. Make sure you have your safety goggles on to prevent any ammonia or bleach from getting into your eyes. If mold gets into your eyes, you could experience soreness almost right away. Keep a safe distance from the mold at all times. After you pour a little bleach, you can add some baking soda. There will be certain places that might seem harder to reach, and should always be left to a certified mold remediation professional. You can mop up all the mess once you’ve finished scrubbing. In any case, it’s usually best to call for the pros. They have the proper training and experience to safely kill all traces of mold in and around your house.

911 Restoration Sacramento: Mold Killers

 Our highly trained specialists will destroy the mold before it gets the chance to breed. We’re the certified mold removal specialists you can depend on. Call us today for more details.